As a family expands numerically, it also spreads geographically across the continents over the years. Have a look at the addresses of the members of Nitte Nadimane Family. It extends from China to the United States. With such a geographical spread, communication between the members becomes difficult. An effective communication between the members is essential to keep them united and to bring them nearer. The members of Nitte Nadimane Family have made it a practice to meet at least once a year in the ancestral house at Nitte. Though this serves the purpose of keeping the communication channel open to a certain extent, a year is too long a period to keep it fresh. It has, therefore, been thought to have an alternative channel too. In the context of a global village, what else can be more useful than a web site of our own for the entire Nitte Nadimane family?

               Hence this modest beginning in that direction.
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